Dr. Christoph Grein

Vice President

Dr. Christoph Grein holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Grein received a doctorate in physics from Princeton University in theoretical condensed matter physics. He held postdoctoral fellowships at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research and Harvard University. Dr. Grein has more than 20 years experience in various areas of condensed matter physics. Dr. Grein also holds the positions of Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). His recent work has focused on improving infrared photon detector technologies. He is the author of more than 175 refereed publications. Additionally, Dr. Grein has given numerous scientific talks and has been the principal investigator on many grants and contracts. Dr. Grein previously was Vice President for Research and Development at EPIR Technologies Inc., where he built that company's R&D activities to an international leadership role in several fields including high performance infrared detection.